MinimaLIST of baby products you actually need

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I’ve always been excited to become a mom but not so excited about all the stuff I’d have to accumulate. Registries seem to have everything from bottle warmers to food blenders. Often they are so jam packed with items that moms end up regifting or never using. This is wasted money but also costly to the planet. It’s no wonder the global baby care market is a 11.4 billion dollar annual industry! After reading Marie Kondos book, “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” my entire perspective of household items and their respective use has completely changed. Namely, when it comes to having a baby.


With my first baby, I tried to keep things minimalistic. Even so 90% of what I was gifted or bought was entirely too premature and ended up going past the return date by the time I realized I didn’t need it. Sound familiar? Here I was with brand new items that I’d never use and couldn’t return for full value.


I was pregnant with baby #2 just a few short months ago and decided to compile this list of what I feel are true needs that parents should have on hand  – This list is truly “tried and true” and will easily get you through the early weeks and even first couple months after having your baby. Be sure you check out my post on mommas postpartum MinimaLIST care too. 


My 15 item MinimaLIST


Baby Clothing

3-6 newborn cotton zip outfits, and 3-6 0-3 month cotton zip outfits.

2-4 Large, Muslin Swaddle Blankets

Burp cloths

Newborn mittens and socks 

Baby Gear

Crib and these cozy jersey nit crib sheets.

Or, this portable, Rocking bed side co-sleeper so you can also travel easily and baby can nap around the house.

Or, this Dock a Tot sleeper for bed sharing is super popular and worth the money according to many moms!

Hands down, the Bob Rambler Travel System – Often a travel system stroller is the best way to go since it offers both the infant carseat and stroller for a better price. The Bob Rambler holds its value and I’ve never met a mom who didn’t LOVE it. This will be your go-to “get around” for the first year anyway, unless you plan to baby wear everywhere you go – but be sure you have taken care of your pelvic floor. You can read more about my experience about Pelvic floor physical therapy here.

A Travel System also makes financial sense if you think you will be having more than one baby, it can be used later on down the road again.  Once your infant has out grown the infant car seat, I recommend the Graco 4 ever convertible carseat. We purchased one when baby was about 8 months old. Still, a good registry item. This carseat consistently ranks in the top convertible carseats for safety. Now that I have a 2 month old as well, we have ordered another.

Accessories for baby

LIttle Remedies Gripe water

A 2 pack of Avent Soothie Pacifiers (0-3) month

Portable changing station so you can change baby around the house, anywhere.

2 Slow Flow Comotomo Silicone Bottles

I know what you might be thinking – I don’t need to get pacifiers and gripe water – In the moment if your new baby is fussy, you’ll be happy to have the pacifier and gripe water on hand trust me, it’s a collective $10 well spent.

Accessories/postpartum for Mom

Back pack diaper bag with stroller straps

The seriously loved, Spectra S2 breast pump (and replacement parts if you can afford them now – if not – skip till needed)

Over night Bamboobies give you the best bang for your buck since they are absorbent and washable.

4-6 nursing shirts and tanks. I LOVE these and nursing shirts from Amazon – they are also awesome for the mommy tummy postpartum. I recommend buying these Gillian O’Mallie nursing tanks online because for whatever reason, it’s really hard to find them in the store. 


Sound like a lot? It really isn’t compared to the amount of stuff moms start out with from baby showers and “sprinkles” only to find themselves tripping over or never unboxing gifts. What’s even worse in my opinion, is having to run around town RETURNING stuff when you are trying to figure out life with a newborn! As always, less is best for your wallet, the planet and our sanity 🙂 Especially if you live in an area where you can quickly get items you NEED once you know you need them. 


If you’d like to minimize your costs on some of these items, check out my blog “How to get ready for baby for nearly nothing”.




Chloe Bradley